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This page is about restraunts.

Our first restraunt is the Menlo Park diner in Edison New Jersey. It is a horrible restraunt and you should not go there. Let me start of with the mozzarella sticks. When I took a bite out of one of the sticks, the only thing I tasted was cold, unmelted cheese. There was something about the taste of the crust that wanted me to throw up. Then I got a burger. The bun had to be at least 2 weeks old. The burger was cold. There was a cold peice of cheese that was put on the burger and then 4 peices of over cooked. There were fries on the side so I ate them. They were not fresh. There was a filthy, dusty, radio on the table. The place and the food was so nasty that i didnt even get desert. Don't go to that restraunt or you will be throwing up all day.